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Stories featuring the Living Wage movement

Sunday Times: Job creation and better pay ‘are key to red wall voters’

14th June 2021
Job creation and wage growth should be at the heart of the government’s efforts to level up the economy, according to a report by the Living Wage Foundation.

Mirror: More than a third of workers get just a week's notice of shifts as insecurity laid bare

15th April 2021
The findings come from a Survation poll for the Living Wage Foundation

BBC: Working hours 'I've no idea when I'll be told what shifts I have'

15th April 2021
"I have no idea when I'll be told what shifts I've got - it changes every week."

Financial Times: UK workers given less than week’s notice of shifts, study shows

15th April 2021
Living Wage Foundation calls for urgent action on job security for low-paid employees

Guardian: Almost 40% of UK workers ‘get less than a week’s notice of shift patterns’

15th April 2021
New research suggests chaotic employment practices are spreading into professional roles

Mirror: Minimum wage workers lost £10bn since 2016 compared with Real Living Wage staff

8th April 2021
Workers paid the minimum hourly rate have missed out on £10billion in five years compared with those on the Real Living Wage.

BBC: Welsh care workers should get £10 an hour, Senedd told

8th April 2021
A minister said workers could get the "Real Living Wage" rate.

Independent: Covid has highlighted injustices in the workplace – now we need action

7th April 2021
The pandemic has sparked a long-overdue conversation about the way we work, but the battle for better conditions and equal pay continues.

Mirror: Campaigners renew calls for Real Living Wage as study lays bare low-pay hardship

25th March 2021
One in four workers paid less than the Real Living Wage has had to skip meals during the coronavirus pandemic, research reveals today in The Mirror.

Independent: Unilever’s global living wage pledge deserves our support

25th March 2021
The consumer goods company will demand suppliers around the world pay their staff a living wage by 2030, article by James Moore, Independent.

HR Magazine: Shift to real living wage would improve employee loyalty

25th March 2021
A poll by the Living Wage Foundation found that 44% of employees working full time but earning less than the real living wage felt the pay they received for their work has negatively affected their overall quality of life.

BBC: International Women's Day: Women's work during the pandemic

25th March 2021
In sectors including key workers - health care, schools, social care and supermarkets - women outnumber men by 4.8m to 1.6m, according to the Living Wage Foundation. BBC News Scotland.