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Measuring your impact - how a simple app encourages ethical shopping with Living Wage employers.

Introducing the app Impact Score, Ian Yates , the Founder shares how it helps consumers to shop more ethically and choose to support those employers committed to paying all their staff a real Living Wage, over those who don’t .

As consumers wake up to the impact that their purchases can have on the world around them, more look to spend their hard-earned cash with companies that are socially and environmentally conscious.

Recycling initiatives, fair pay and  tax payments are all under consideration for today’s ethical shoppers as well as which companies pay a real Living Wage, and we have created a handy app to help them.

What is Impact Score®?

With 92% of the population wanting to live a more sustainable lifestyle, but only 16% actively pursuing it, we realised that more help was needed to make it happen.  

Impact Score® is a free app that allows consumers to quickly see how their favourite shops, restaurants, and online marketplaces score against environmental and social metrics that are personalised to them, including the Living Wage.

The search bar allows users to find information about organisations, with handy visuals to show how they compare across some key behaviours:

  1. Real Living Wage – are employees paid the real Living Wage?
  2. Gender pay gap – are all genders paid equally and is action taken to ensure that this continues?
  3. UK Tax Paid – do they pay their fair share of taxes or are they actively moving profits out of the UK?
  4. Greenhouse Gas Emissions – how many tonnes of CO2 does this company release into the environment each year?
  5. Pay suppliers promptly – do their suppliers get paid in a reasonable time and what percentage of invoices are paid late?
  6. CEO Pay – how many more times the average employee’s salary is the CEO being paid?

How people are using Impact Score®

It goes beyond purchasing decisions though.  People want to work for and associate themselves with companies that are proactive in doing good for the planet, their employees, and their communities.

Impact Score® is used to search for potential employers, brand collaborations, and sponsorships.  Companies with high scores want to work with others doing the same.  The strongest employees apply for the positions that pay them fairly and align with their own values and morals.

Making an impact

The app goes beyond just providing the figures and gives its user the chance to report back.  To show support where it is deserved and express dissatisfaction when needed.

Using the “Tell Them” buttons, users praise the ones making a positive impact or tell the companies lagging behind when they are not doing enough.  Meaning regular feedback can drive businesses to make big improvements to their behaviours.

How can Living Wage Employers use the app?

If you are an employer already paying a real living wage, then your Impact Score® is already heading in the right direction.  However, to feature on the app and get a ‘score’, you will need to have published your data against 3/6 ethical measures – once that’s done, Impact Score works it all out for you, and your customers can see the good work that you are doing.

Download the free Impact Score® app to find out more.





24th February 2021
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