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News: Living Wage accreditation included in Mayor of London’s ‘Good Work Standard’

Today the Living Wage Foundation has welcomed the Mayor of London’s new ‘Good Work Standard’. The new standard is a benchmark for employment standards and has fair pay at the heart of it. Today launched with 34 existing Living Wage Employers signed up to the new standard, including Lush, London City Airport, KPMG and many more.

We’re delighted that the Mayor has included Living Wage accreditation as a central part of the new standard. Paying the real Living Wage and accrediting with the foundation is the only way to ensure all workers, including third-party contractors, are earning a wage that truly reflects the covers the cost of living. 

Over 1,600 London-based employers are currently accredited with the Living Wage Foundation and those employers have put over £500,000 back into the pockets of the lowest earning workers in the capital. We hope that through the Good Work Standard more employers will sign up as accredited Living Wage Employers and recognise the value that paying the London Living Wage has on employees and their families, as well as the business benefits of having a workforce that feel valued.

Katherine Chapman, Director of the Living Wage Foundation, said:

“It’s great to see Living Wage accreditation is a core part of the Mayor of London’s Good Work Standard. Paying the real Living Wage is the best way to show staff you’re a responsible employer and means employers are committed to paying all staff, including third-party contractors, a wage that covers the true cost of living. Over 1,600 London based employers are accredited with the Living Wage Foundation, recognising the value it provides workers and their families.”

Julie Abraham, CEO of Richer Sounds, said: “We’re thrilled to be one of the first 34 employers to sign up to the Mayor of London’s Good Work Standard and hope that today’s announcement encourages more businesses to think about their duty as responsible employers. Richer Sounds has been accredited with the Living Wage Foundation since 2015 and are proud to promote it to the wider business community; not only is it the right thing to do for employees but we’ve also seen improved business benefits like improved retention and productivity.”

More information on the Mayor of London’s new Good Work Standard can be found here.


Start your Good Work Standard journey by becoming a real Living Wage Employer - a core part of the new standard.


26th July 2019, 15:40
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