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News: Response to Social Mobility Commission 'State of Nation' report

Today the Social Mobility Commission launched the 'State of Nation' report which recommends the government takes urgent action to ensure social mobility in the UK. One of the report's recommendations is for the government to agree to paying the real #LivingWage rates to all its employees and contracted workers, including cleaners and catering staff.

Katherine Chapman, Director of Living Wage Foundation said:

"Social mobility isn’t possible without well-paid jobs that provide a decent standard of living. We know there is cross-party and widespread public support for the real Living Wage, but there are still cleaners, caterers and security staff, working in vital public sector jobs, who are struggling to get by.

The number of Living Wage jobs could be drastically increased if national and local government was able to use its huge procurement powers to support Living Wage jobs. It’s time for our major public institutions to lead by example and join over 5,000 employers who choose to pay the real Living Wage.”


30th April 2019, 13:40
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