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Three cheers to the Breweries paying the Living Wage this #InternationalBeerDay

Today is #InternationalBeerDay, which means if you haven’t already got Friday plans to visit your local you can most definitely justify one now.

For those of us who do like a drink, it’s not often you make your choice of pint based on “Which brewery best supports their staff” but with over 30 Living Wage accredited breweries and many more Living Wage Pubs, it’s not at all difficult to make your beverage decisions based on who pays their staff a real Living Wage.

Low-pay is a pervasive problem in the hospitality sector, and that’s why this #InternationalBeerDay, we’re encouraging you to raise your glass with a Living Wage beer, or better still, in a Living Wage accredited brewery near you that recognises a hard day’s work should always mean a fair day’s pay.

Below we interview three of our Living Wage breweries: Brewgooder, Saltaire and Lost and Grounded, who are all committed to paying all their staff and third-party contractors a Living Wage, based on the real cost of living. Read the Q&A below!


Brewgooder (Glasgow)

Based in Glasgow, Brewgooder is a one of a kind of brewery which serves an ethical purpose as well as  beer. Not only are they plastic free and vegan, they also have a mission is to provide clean water for One million people by donating 100% of its profits to clean water charities.

Why do you think it is important to pay the Living Wage in breweries/ hospitality industry?

“Living Wage is important in the hospitality sector and in brewing because at some point or another these are the people at the coalface of our industry - they produce or serve us the thing we value so highly. These people deserve to have a wage that allows them to have a fulfilling life, given that we take so much joy in what they deliver to us... beer.”

What are the benefits of paying the Living Wage to your staff and business?

“When people are paid better, they can make better decisions, they can focus on the next stage of a project or their own life instead of being trapped in a mindset where they are not valued enough or struggle day to day. To pay the Living Wage as a minimum is to say that, even if you are a part-time intern, you are valued and fairly rewarded for your effort.”  


Saltaire Brewery - Yorkshire

Established in Yorkshire, Saltaire Brewery is an independent brewery which offers internationally award-winning beer. It is indeed creative as it offers a wide range of beers to suit everyone’s

taste. This includes beers with multiple flavours including ‘Triple Chocolate’ to ‘Citra’.

Why do you think it is important to pay the Living Wage in breweries/ hospitality sector?

“At Saltaire Brewery, we don’t think that paying a Living Wage is important for breweries and the hospitality sector, we think it’s essential for all sectors to consider paying employees a salary that they can live on and, in many cases, support their family with.  Employers paying a fair wage for a fair day’s work isn’t aspirational, it’s what we believe any fair-minded employer would do regardless of the sector.”


What are the benefits of paying the Living Wage to your staff and business

“We’re really proud to be among the companies that pay a real Living Wage and not just the Government’s statutory minimum.  With a wages bill that makes up 22% of our turnover and a trading environment that is highly competitive, it is not a decision that’s taken lightly by our directors and certainly not a brewing industry norm.  As a small business keeping the skills and knowledge that we give our employees is really important as it costs so much more to recruit than to retain people, and a fair and competitive salary at all levels is part of our retention strategy. It also gives confidence to our team about our values as an employer, which we believe helps us to attract good candidates when we need to recruit, and not just into Living Wage level roles.”


Lost and Grounded- Bristol

Lost and Grounded Brewers is a brewery in Bristol, which started in July 2016. They bring a fascination for the precision of German brewing and the idiosyncratic nature of Belgian beers together under one roof.

Why do you think it is important to pay the Living Wage in breweries/ hospitality sector?

When we started the company we decided that we would be a Living Wage employer from the outset.  We believe it’s incredibly important to be part of the movement as in the UK there is an astonishing amount of in-work poverty, as well as children at risk of hunger.  We feel strongly that when grouped together, Living Wage employers will make a difference to many families, and we hope that being one of a handful of accredited breweries shows a personal commitment to our employees and will help lead the way for others to follow.

What are the benefits of paying the Living Wage to your staff and business?

Firstly, as a business it is imperative that our employees feel valued and secure.  Employees know they are getting a fair rate of pay for their work, and culturally it instills a higher level of mutual respect across the organisation.  The UK now has over 2,500 breweries, and paying the Living Wage means we’ll continue to attract highly skilled folk to our entry level positions in what is an incredibly competitive industry. 

Visit your nearest Living Wage accredited Brewery or Pub, by using our map here. And if you were inspired by the stories above and want to become an accredited Living Wage, start your journey here.

2nd August 2019, 10:00
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