Our plaques can be bought to display at your sites to show your commitment to the Living Wage movement. 

A plaque is made for you when accredit and we now offer the chance to purchase additional plaques. Perfect if you want to display it in multiple places or have updated your information since your initial accreditation. 

These A4 plexiglass plaques can be customised to include your logo or organisation's name in print and can be made in English or English/Welsh bi-lingual.

Please put your customised specifications in the 'order comments' when purchasing this item. If your logo has changed or been updated please let us know and we will contact you for the new files to put on the plaque. 

Available for:

  • Accredited Living Wage Employers
  • Recognised Service Providers
  • Living Wage Funders
  • Recognised Scottish MSPs
  • Living Wage Buildings

This item will take 2-3 weeks for production and delivery. 


Price: £48.00