Recognised Service Providers

Recognised Service Providers have committed to paying all directly employed members of staff, not tied to client contracts, the real Living Wage.

They have also committed to always offer a real Living Wage bid alongside every market rate submittal to all prospective and current clients. This means the client always has the choice to implement the real Living Wage at the point of tender.

To assist and guide the Living Wage Foundation with policy decisions, the Recognised Service Provider Leadership Group was formed. The Leadership Group lends its expertise to the Foundation to better Champion the real Living Wage within the provider industries. 


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What is a Recognised Service Provider?

We are proudly working alongside key service providers in the UK to enable those who operate in the lowest paid service sectors to play a role in the real Living Wage movement. 

For many sectors, implementing the real Living Wage relies on responsible procurement. The movement has been successful thanks to the constructive involvement of both our Living Wage Employers from a client side and our partners in the contracted service provider industries.

The providers we work with have seen the benefits the real Living Wage can bring and aim to champion the real Living Wage in their contracts with customers.

To commend contractors who support the aims of the Living Wage Foundation we established the Recognised Service Providers accreditation.

What do I need to do?

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All directly employed staff not tied to client contracts are paid the real Living Wage

Two men and 1 women with recognised service provider sign

Pay the real Living Wage to contracted staff not tied to client contracts

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Offer a real Living Wage for every client bid that you make


By becoming a Recognised Service Provider you:

  • Supported by the Living Wage Foundation to initiate a framework internally to promote and measure the impact of the Living Wage.
  • Join a strategic community of Service Providers that support and promote the Living Wage, contributing to ending low pay in the UK’s lowest paid service sectors.
  • Use the Living Wage Foundation’s Recognised Service Provider mark.
  • Appear on our website so that our network and your customers can easily find out about your Living Wage commitment.
  • Have the opportunity to work with us on case studies and press coverage to promote your Living Wage commitment.
  • Receive an invitation to events such as Living Wage Week.
  • Are kept up to date on the Living Wage campaign and opportunities to celebrate your status by being a part of our online community.
Who is a Recognised Service Provider?

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