What do we do?

We believe in a society where in-work poverty
no longer exists.

At the Living Wage Foundation, our mission is to encourage employers to play their part in tackling in-work and post-work poverty and provide a decent standard of living by paying the real Living Wage, adopting Living Hours and Living Pensions as well as wider good employment practices.

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We do this through:


We offer multiple employer accreditations to become an accredited:

  • Living Wage Employer and pay the independently-calculated real Living Wage rates every year to all their staff.
  • Living Hours Employer, committing to provide all staff secure working hours and shift patterns.
  • Living Pension Employer, adopting Living Pension measures for all their staff so that employees can meet their everyday needs in retirement.

We also offer a Service Provider Recognition Scheme and a Living Wage Funder scheme as well as regional and global initiatives. More on these below.


We coordinate the announcement of the real Living Wage rates each year, based on the best available evidence about living standards in the UK.

We also provide advice and support to employers implementing any of our accreditations. This includes best practice guides, case studies from leading employers, model procurement frameworks and access to specialist legal and HR advice. 

We also provide evidence and research about the impact and benefits of a Living Wage and Living Hours to people, businesses and the economy.


We provide a forum for leading employers to publicly join the independent movement of organisations, businesses and people campaigning for a wage which is enough to live on.

We work with Principal Partners who bring financial and strategic support to our work.

We coordinate Living Wage Week every year, a UK-wide celebration of the Living Wage movement and our Living Wage Champion Awards, recognising those in our network who go above and beyond to promote the Living Wage, Living Hours, Living Pensions and other good work practices.

Our accreditations and initiatives:

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Living Wage accreditation

For organisations to demonstrate their commitment to paying a real Living Wage.

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Living Hours accreditation

For organisations to demonstrate their commitment to providing secure working hours and shifts.

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Living Pension accreditation

For organisations to demonstrate their commitment to providing stability and security for workers now and in the future

Our regional and global initiatives:

Living Wage Places logo

Living Wage Places

For those who want to work together to expand Living Wage accreditation in their local area.

Global Living Wage logo

Global Living Wage

For those organisations who want to provide a Living Wage across their global operations, and collaborate with other national accreditation bodies.

Our industry and sector based initiatives:

Living Wage Funder logo

Living Wage Funders

For funding organisations who want to use their funding to encourage the organisations they support to pay the real Living Wage.

Recognised Service Provider logo

Recognised Service Providers

For service providers to demonstrate their commitment to paying a real Living Wage and offering Living Wage bids to their clients.

Who we are

You can find out more about who we are, including our staff team, advisory council and steering groups here.