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For organisations wanting to demonstrate their commitment as a responsible employer, Living Wage accreditation is the best place to start. By paying the real Living Wage, employers are voluntarily taking a stand to ensure their employees can earn a wage which is enough to live on. That basic fairness is at the heart of what the Living Wage campaign is trying to achieve and why great businesses and organisations choose to go further than the government minimum. As well as it being the right thing to do, there is a growing body of evidence demonstrating the business benefits of becoming a Living Wage Employer.

Accredited employers display the Living Wage Employer Mark to recognise their commitment to the Living Wage. This includes a plaque, merchandise and digital assets to demonstrate that they are a responsible employer to their staff and networks. The employer will also be listed on the Living Wage Foundation website and employer map, with their accreditation often recognised in the media.


Why accredit?

Public commitment to fair pay

Certified by the Living Wage Foundation

Annual pay increases linked to the cost of living

By accrediting, all Living Wage Employers: 

Man holding Living Wage Sign outside West Ham stadium
  • Appear on our website and searchable map so that consumers, prospective employees, students and funders can easily see who pays a real Living Wage that meets the cost of living.
  • Can access to guidance on implementing the Living Wage through procurement, including templates, clauses and case studies.
  • Have the opportunity to work with us on press coverage to promote their commitment to a real Living Wage. 
  • Get the right to use the Living Wage Employer Mark. 
  • Receive a Living Wage Employer plaque.
  • Receive a Living Wage Week pack with materials and guidance on how to be part of the national celebrations.
  • Are kept up to date through our regular newsletter which has the latest developments on the Living Wage campaign, as well as news about the rate.
  • Can get Living Wage merchandise including tote bags, pens and badges. 

Become an accredited Living Wage Employer

How much does it cost?

We  offer a sliding scale of annual accreditation fees based on organisation size, which deliberately includes a low rate for smaller organisations to make it accessible. Our fees are based on analysis of similar ethical accreditations and we feel that they compare favourably. All fees go straight back into supporting and developing the independent movement of businesses, organisations and people campaigning on the principle that a fair day's work deserves a fair day's pay.



What does the accreditation process look like?

Watch our video to see just how simple the accreditation process is.

“I’ve been so happy with the support we have from the Living Wage Foundation, who are able to talk through any concerns you have openly. We are so grateful to the Living Wage Foundation to doing the hard work it takes to set the wage each year- not only does it take a lot off our plate but it also builds trust between our staff and the company, and the foundation itself”
Retail Director