Getting the public's attention for Living Wage Week

Shout about paying the real Living Wage this #LivingWageWeek by using any physical or digital spaces available to your organisation to highlight you pay the real Living Wage.  

Below are five examples of what different accredited employers have done in the past to raise awareness of the real Living Wage.  


1. Put up some posters

In the past, the Mayor of London has secured posters across the London Underground during Living Wage Week.  
Clear Channel have continued to run digital advertising across out of home digital advertising spaces. 

Clear Channel Living Wage digital advertising on screen with bus outside

2. Fly the Living Wage flag

Order a flag from our online shop to fly on iconic buildings. In the past Cardiff Castle put up 40 Living Wage flags, and many other council buildings have done the same - shout out to Hackney and Southwark Council. 

Southwark Council with a Living Wage flag

3. Use what you’ve got  

National Express branded one of their buses in the West Midlands with a Living Wage logo for Living Wage Week.  

Whereas London Stadium put up some branded messages on their big digital screen at the entrance to the stadium. 

Living Wage logo on bus

4. Get creative

We previously ran a window competition, encouraging Living Wage Employers to dress their windows with messages about paying the real Living Wage. It’s a simple thing to do that let’s your community know you pay a real Living Wage – even more reason to support your business. You can find some Living Wage Employer merchandise in our online shop to get you started. 

Better foods employee with Living Wage bunting in shop window

5. Use the pavements 

Norwich City Council sprayed their pavements with Living Wage messages, like above. What a great way to get people’s attention on the way to work. 

Living Wage Week message on pavement

Got another idea? We'd love to help. Get in touch and let us know what you are planning.