15,000 Living Wage Employers paying the real Living Wage as Fred Perry and Pieminister become latest to accredit

  • Over 15,000 UK employers are now accredited with the Living Wage Foundation, double the number there were three years ago.
  • Fred Perry and Pieminister are the latest employers to join the Living Wage movement
  • 1 in 9 UK workers now work for a Living Wage Employer, but over 3.7 million workers are still struggling to make ends meet earning below the real Living Wage.
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More than 15,000 UK employers have now signed up to pay the real Living Wage, the UK’s only wage rate based on the cost of living. Half of these employers (7,500) have signed up since 2021. Fred Perry and Pieminister are the latest employers to accredit, joining other household names such as Ikea, National Express, Burberry and Aviva as well as thousands of small and medium-sized businesses from coffee shops to removal firms.

The real Living Wage rate is currently £12 across the UK and £13.15 in London and is voluntarily paid by Living Wage Employers to all directly employed staff over 18 as well as third-party staff like cleaners, security guards and caterers.  This wage rate is higher than the governments National Living Wage of £11.44 which only applies to workers aged 21 and over.

The growth in the Living Wage movement has delivered a vital boost to the pay packets of hundreds of thousands of low paid workers, but despite inflation easing, millions are still struggling to make ends meet amidst high prices. Living Wage Foundation research found that 3.7 million UK workers are paid below the real Living Wage, 60% of whom are using foodbanks, 39% regularly skipping meals due to financial reasons, and 39% are behind on household bills.  

Despite a challenging economic backdrop, 7,500 employers have signed up to pay the real Living Wage since 2021, and nearly 1,500 joined in 2024 alone. Employers recognise that paying the real Living Wage is not only good for workers but makes their business stronger too. Research by Cardiff Business School shows 94% of Living Wage Employers benefited from Living Wage accreditation, with employers reporting improvements in recruitment, retention, reputation, and more.

Over 150 accredited Living Hours employers go beyond payment of the real Living Wage to tackle the other side of in-work poverty; insecurity of hours. Living Hours Employers provide a guaranteed minimum of 16 hours work a week, a month’s notice of shift patterns and a contract that reflects hours worked, alongside a real Living Wage.  

Over 40 employers are leading the way in tackling poverty amongst their workers in later life through Living Pension accreditation. Living Pension Employers commit to either a cash (£2,800) or percentage (12%) savings target, where the employer contributes 7%, or £1,630.  

11 employers, including Aviva, SSE Plc and Dear Green Coffee Roaster, are at the forefront of ensuring their workers have decent living standards now and in the future by being Living Wage, Living Hours and Living Pension accredited.  

This Thursday, 11th July, the Living Wage Foundation will be celebrating Living Wage Employers who have made an outstanding contribution to the Living Wage movement at the Foundation’s annual awards ceremony. The Living Wage Champion Awards celebrate Living Wage Employers who have gone above and beyond accreditation to champion the Living Wage, Living Hours or Living Pension and grow the movement. The Champion Awards will be held in Cardiff for the first time ever in recognition of the growth and strength of the movement in the region. 

Katherine Chapman, Director of the Living Wage Foundation said: “We are delighted to have reached 15,000 accredited employers and to have employers like Fred Perry and Pieminster join the Living Wage movement. Our growing network of accredited employers are committed to always paying their staff a wage based on the cost of living.  Since the Living Wage movement began over 20 years ago, over 460,000 workers have received pay rises and it over £3 billion has been put back into the pockets of low paid workers.” 

Tristan Hogg, CEO and Managing Director of Pieminister said: “There’s no denying that signing up as a Living Wage Employer has significant financial implications, but we believe that this accreditation is essential for any business that wants to put its money where its mouth is when it comes to caring for its workforce. Being a Living Wage Employer is just one area in which we’re really upping our game as part of our Pies, Planet, People goals. Many of the individuals at Pieminister who have been most positively impacted by a wage increase are directly involved with our pie making process - and deservedly so. After all, where would we be without our pie makers.” 

Listen to Jo, an embroiderer at Living Wage and Living Hours employer One+All based on Salford talk about the difference being paid the real Living Wage makes to her life in this video by Living Wage Employer SAZ MEDIA.


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