Elmet & Rothwell MP Alec Shelbrooke Celebrates Zixtel’s Living Hours Commitment 

Elmet & Rothwell MP Alec Shelbrooke Celebrates Zixtel’s Living Hours Commitment 


  • Last Friday, IT recycling company Zixtel welcomed their local MP Alec Shelbrooke to visit their Wetherby site and hear about their Living Wage and Living Hours accreditation.  
  • Zixtel are industry experts in sustainable Weee (e-waste) recycling and have been Living Wage accredited since May 2022 and Living Hours accredited since August 2022. 
  • Zixtel are one of over 100 Living Hours accredited Employers who, in addition to paying all staff the real Living Wage, commit to a series of measures that ensure their staff are protected from insecure work. Living Hours is a scheme by the Living Wage Foundation to tackle insecure working contacts.  
  • Zixtel are one of 13,000 Living Wage Employers who commit to paying their staff a real Living Wage, the only wage rate based on the cost of living.  


Elmet & Rothwell MP Alec Shelbrooke visited responsible employer Zixtel on Friday 15th September to celebrate their commitment as both a Living Wage and Living Hours employer.  


As a Living Hours Employer, Zixtel guarantee their workers at least 4 weeks' notice of shifts, a contract that reflects the hours they work and a minimum of at least 16 hours per week unless the worker requests otherwise.  


The Living Hours scheme is challenging the UK’s culture of precarious employment, which sees 1 in 10 working adults facing a persistently high cost of living in low paid jobs that provide less than a week’s notice of shifts. Living Wage Foundation research shows insecure work is a key feature of the UK economy, with 6.1m workers experiencing some form of work insecurity, and 3.4 million in low paid insecure work [1]. 


As a Living Wage Employer, Zixtel voluntarily commit to paying their staff a real Living Wage. The real Living Wage is an hourly rate of pay set independently and updated annually based on the basic cost of living in the UK. It is £10.90 in the UK and £11.95 in London, to reflect the higher cost of living in the capital. 


Zixtel is based in Yorkshire and the Humber, the UK region with the highest proportion of non-Living Wage jobs in the country (15.8%), with over 368,000 jobs paying less than the real Living Wage. Despite this, Zixtel is committed to supporting their workers with a fair day’s pay for a hard day’s work. 


There are currently over 13,000 Living Wage Employers and 100 Living Hours Employers. 


Alec Shelbrooke MP, said: “I recognise the commitment from employers such as Zixtel in supporting the Living Wage and Living Hours movements and the benefits these bring to the staff in terms of stability of income, and the benefits to the business having a loyal and skilled workforce.”


Damian Rushworth Managing Director Zixtel Ltd: “Ensuring our staff received both the Living Wage and Living Hours was a decision we made to recognise the hard work and commitment of our team. Our business relies on the dedication and commitment from our workforce, without their hard work we would not have the thriving business we have today. The foundation of our success is built from the ground up, each person is invaluable to the business and that should be recognised and rewarded.

There are also tangible benefits to our business, planning workload and ensuring we meet the needs of our customers is much easier to do knowing that we have team members available consistently throughout each week. There has also been a noticeable improvement in staff retention, meaning we have seen a significant reduction in the turnover of staff, which consequently means we are spending less energy and money on recruiting and training new staff. The benefits of committing to providing the Living Wage and Living Hours have proven to be positive for both the business and employees alike and I would certainly recommend that other businesses make these commitments.”


Barney, Zixtel technician, said: “I’m glad Zixtel offers living hours as it makes planning for the for the future a lot easier. I know exactly how much money I am going to make so I can easily budget for the month. Guaranteed working hours means I can make plans knowing when I will and won’t be working. On zero hours contract I would have to choose between cancelling plans to work or putting myself under financial stress.
I’ve just bought I car which would have been harder without guaranteed hours as more money would have to be saved up in case it needs repair, and I don’t get work. Guaranteed hours make me more effective at work as I’m not stressed about money. Planning which jobs get done when is also easier as I know how much time I will be working before a deadline.”

Ed – Zixtel Technician

With a young family at home, knowing we have a predictable and consistent income is invaluable. Managing our mortgage and family finances is much easier to do with the security of the Living Hours commitment from our employer.


Ferg – Zixtel Technician Supervisor

I am looking to rent or purchase my first home in the near future. I have the confidence to do this because I know I have a reliable income each month. It also make applying for a mortgage or securing a rental property easier too.


Katherine Chapman, Director of the Living Wage Foundation, said: 

"It's fantastic to see that Zixtel are being celebrated by their local MP for championing good work in the area. As a Living Wage and Living Hours employer, Zixtel are ensuring all staff are paid a real Living Wage that covers the cost of living and going beyond to guarantee more secure hours. There are now over 13,000 Living Wage Employers and over 100 Living Hours employers who have stepped up for their staff, with over 430,000 employees uplifted and over £2bn in extra wages delivered to some of the lowest paid workers in the UK. I encourage all those who can to follow Zixtel’s example and accredit today – it's never been more important.”