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Living Wage Foundation partners with financial health tool for independent workers

Over the last six months, the Living Wage Foundation has been involved with the Mayor of London's office to help run a grant for the resilience fund focused on improving the lives of gig workers. 

We are confident in saying this challenge has been a great success.

The winner of the challenge, Finmo, has developed a financial health tool using Open Banking called Clarity. The tool was built with the stated goal of improving the financial health and wellness of independent workers by helping them better understand their income and spending habits. 

The Living Wage Foundation is hoping that such an app with help us to understand the Gig Economy and ultimately design an accreditation scheme that works for the gig economy and allows gig economy employers to enable pay rises in the sector.

There are two ways you as Living Wage Employer can get involved:

  1. Share the tool with gig workers and zero-hour workers. Our waitlist site has been launched - workers can sign up for pre-launch access to give feedback on the tool or get first access once it launches. 

  2. Speak to us if your company is interested in offering a financial health product to independent and part-time workers.

More information is included here and on the Clarity website. 


If you want more information on our Gig Economy work, please do reach out to Caitlin at the Living Wage Foundation. 

12th October 2021
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