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News: New Prime Minister Boris Johnson says all government departments should pay cleaners Living Wage

Yesterday, on his first day as Prime Minister, Boris Johnson showed his support for the real Living Wage for cleaners across all government departments.

Labour MP Catherine West asked Boris during Prime Minister Questions for his assurance that every single entry-level cleaner in Whitehall would be paid the real Living Wage rate. (Currently £10.55 an hour).

Boris Johnson replied to Catherine West's question with:

"I have to say - the answer is yes. I was very proud that when I was running London we massively expanded the Living Wage, and we made sure that it was paid not just by the GLA bodies, but by their contractors as well. And that is what we should be doing"

Katherine Chapman Director of the Living Wage Foundation said: 

“We welcome the Prime Minister’s commitment to pay government department cleaners a Living Wage, this would make a huge difference to workers and their families. We’d be delighted to discuss how government departments can now become Living Wage accredited to ensure all workers are paid a real Living Wage that provides dignity and security.”

Boris has supported the Living Wage previously in his career as Mayor of London, where he encouraged employers to do the right thing and accredit with the Living Wage Foundation, and after yesterday's statement we look forward to working with him to get Government Departments to become accredited with the Living Wage Foundation to ensure that all staff get the £10.55 an hour rate, based on the real cost of Living. 

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26th July 2019, 13:51
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